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City Rydes, Providing a Hustle Free Life For Kisumu Residents 

Imagine this. You are extremely busy, working hard at your office desk. You have deadlines to meet and your boss is on your neck. Then you remember that you need to settle that water bill, or electricity bill that arrived at your desk two days ago. Tricky right? Or consider this. You are out-of-town, fieldwork probably, and you need a parcel picked for you and delivered at some point urgently. Or you need an errand to be run urgently. What do you do?

Here is what you do, you grab your phone and call or text cityrydes.com. City Rydes will schedule your errands as soon as they receive them, they will then give you a quotation and thereafter dispatch one of their three runners (or motorbike riders) to the errand location within 30 minutes of booking confirmation and execute your requests in full as instructed. Cool, right?

City Rydes is one of the most promising and fastest growing start-ups in Kisumu. So much so, that they are among the 100 African companies that are currently being mentored under Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. City Rydes is a simple problem solver that will save you time from running small personal errands or office errands.


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City Rydes was founded by three guys-Maurice Cerullo, David Otieno and Kenny Rachuonyo who were struck by this idea while attending DEMO Africa, a start-up conference back in 2010 at Safari Park. Since then, the start-up has grown in leaps and bounds.

Since they started operating in Kisumu in July 2014, City Rydes have amassed an impressive client list which includes Access Kenya, MetroPark Hotel and Action Aid. These, coupled with extremely positive feedback they get from each client only shows the potential that this start-up possesses.

However this journey has not been smooth sailing. City Rydes have had to work hard to earn client trust and make sure that the brand is known for timely deliveries. In this regard City Rydes will take full responsibility for the facilitation and completion of all paid-for errands and thus guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with their services.

And because City Rydes pride themselves in Customer satisfaction, they will refund the full errand cost in the unlikely event that dissatisfaction is caused as a result of their non-adherence to specified instructions.

City Rydes is a start-up that will only get better with each completed errand and transaction.


Video: This is CityRydes

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CityRydes has been in operation for a long while now and we thought it wise to share with you a bit about what we do. Get in touch with us here 


6 Non-Obvious Ways City Rydes Can Make You More Productive At Work.

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Greater productivity means that you are accomplishing more in the same amount of time. The way to have a helper increase this ratio is not by increasing your accomplishments but by decreasing the amount of time spent doing tasks that can be delegated.For non-obvious ways to increase productivity, here are 6 things to use City Rydes for:-

  1. Send us to buy you an interesting book from a bookshop. You may have that book you have always been meaning to buy, but have never really found the time. Delegate to us and we shall get you that boost in productivity you need.
  2. Send us to take your electronics for repair. We sometimes have those electronics that we need to take back before, lets say, the warranty expires or things become much worse. Inform us and we shall drop it at your electrician’s shop and pick it right up when it is done. Have special requests on this matter? Talk to us today._MG_8311
  3. Send us to take your clothes to the laundry/ or to pick them up. Do not fail to wear that suit that you love because it got stained and you have not had a chance to take it to the tailor.  Have clothes that need to be hemmed or repair? Tell us to take them to the tailor for you.
  4. Give us the opportunity to take you on a tour around the city. Have specific areas of interest along your line of work that you would like to see? Inform us and we shall tell you all the areas to visit that are within you interest, and take you there as well.
  5. Need assignments taken to your lecturer? Use us. You are working hard to work and study at the same time, but you have just remembered that the project you were working on is due. Delegate to us the task of printing it for you and delivering it to your Professor. No need to ask for time off for you to do such a mundane task.
  6. Need to take your car for servicing or repairs? I know what you might be thinking. We have not earned your trust enough, Talk to us. We understand your concerns on this but think of how much time is lost on waiting for your car to be serviced or repaired. If you have a specific mechanic delegate to us the task of picking your car while you are at work and dropping it back once you get the confirmation from your mechanic that it is ready.

Allow yourself to spend more time on the work that matters to you. Delegate to us.
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Hello world! CityRydes is Here!

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We Provide Solutions to all Your Personal Planning and Time Management Challenges, By Providing You With a Variety of Errands and Concierge Services


We increase our client productivity and catalyze them to success by achieving with there productive time.

Contact us: http://www.cityrydes.com/