Meet the Entrepreneurs Series: Tony Elumelu Foundation Blog Series Features City Rydes

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Business: City Rydes

CEO: David Otieno

Country: Kenya

CEO of City Rydes, David Otieno from Kenya quit his day job to become a solution provider. Read David Otieno’s story here

TEEP: What is City Rydes all about?

David Otieno: City Rydes Ltd is a logistics company that plays in the transportation market space. Their focus is to provide on time delivery, excellent customer service by aiding FMCGs, individuals and corporate organisations through an effective supply distribution chain.

TEEP: How has the TEEP Mentorship Platform been for you and your business?

David Otieno: The 10 weeks of mentorship and training has transformed our company by aiding us with a wealth of knowledge through the tasks during the course. We have built a new website, a mobile Application, established a blog page, and recruited two new staff. We have defined our target client and added more corporate organisations using strategies to increase our users in the market.

TEEP: How did you feel when you found out you were listed among the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs? David Otieno: My TEEP selection was a dream come true. And my interaction with Mr. Elumelu reenergized my team and I to push through the path of entrepreneurship. It showed that our business has potentials and the seed capital will give room for our expansion. Indeed, it has been a silver-line.


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