How Clients are Using CityRydes  and Why You Should Too!

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Still unsure on whether you should delegate your errands to us?

Well, CityRydes does  an Excellent job with Errands and deliveries. But, do not hear this from us, here is proof of our service from one of our clients.

Just wanted to share the contacts for an EXCELLENT Kisumu-based errand service called City Rydes ( that my organisation has been using since the beginning of May.

They offer a range of services around town for very reasonable prices (usually 100 to 200/=) and are super reliable. This month, I’ve used them for the following activities:

– Cheque Delivery to the Bank and Suppliers

– Goods Collection and Drop Off

– Document/Letter Delivery

– Local Purchases (e.g. Safaricom – I just Mpesa when the agent reaches the paypoint)

– Collecting Quotations for various difficult items (incl. a noticeboard, large 50-seater tent)

They also have an online booking service ( so it is really easy to delegate any errands (I usually leave stuff with my askari and they collect). They also offer end-month invoicing for ease of payment.

And even if you don’t need the service for work, they would definitely be able to pick up your Al-noor or Java take-away….

Anyway, sorry to spam but just wanted to help them drum up some business as they’ve done a great job for us!  For more information, contact David (, call on 0724841570, or check out the website.



Allow yourself to spend more time on the work that matters to you, delegate. Talk to  us!


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