10 Top Places To Tour While in a New City

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Lake victoria

We all love touring! 😉 I especially love going to new towns and cities that I have never been before. This is where City Tours come in Handy. The problem with new places is that you do not know where the best hangout places are, or where the great sights are, so you more likely than not ask for directions a lot (never mind that language barriers may cause you to have to ask many people) but also take awkward U-turns while trying to get Google to understand you 😀

So here it is! Your guide to places that you should consider visiting when on you first visit a new city.

  1. Go to the beach. If the city has a shoreline, this should be the first place to visit. It is free and will provide you with a good place to know ‘where to start’ as you watch the waves and the boats.
  2. Go to the public park. Public parks are a great place to get in touch with the locals. They provide for a ‘chilled out’ atmosphere where you can get a chance to observe the buildings and get in sync with the city.
  3. Museums. Museums provide you with a cheap guide to understanding the history of the town. They are also almost always easy to find.
  4. Memorial Sites. Most cities have memorial sites that are easily accessible and mostly free. They are also good spots for taking pictures!
  5. Markets. Markets allow you to mingle with the locals, to see what is on offer, to get ideas and who knows, maybe you can get a souvenirNairobi_city_hall
  6. Government areas. In some cities, outside government buildings is  open to the public because they are taken to be a tourist attraction. Take Nairobi city hall for example.
  7. Religious Area/Buildings. You have to be careful with this one though, especially when taking pictures. Places of worship are normally nicely done. It is good to walk around old buildings while looking out for murals and glass art.
  8. Universities- The Garissa Attack has made this one quite a complicated affair since you may have to call and book an appointment first with the university or college you would like to visit. Nonetheless, unis provide a great spot to learn more about the community…and who knows, they may have free WiFi.
  9. Commercial farms/industries. Is the area famous for wheat, maize, meat? You will be surprised to know that certain companies have tours for their visitors. You may however have to book in advance.
  10. Public libraries – though, unfortunately, not common in Kenya, public libraries provide a ripe spot to learn more from the Librarian 😀

If you are new to Kisumu, CityRydes provides you with an affordable, friendly and informed guide to the city and its proximate environs.



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