5 Things You MUST Remember Before You Send That Cheque

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Cheques are a representative of a person or business carrying out a trade. Cheque can be used to give money to the person from whom you want to make a purchase. They can also used to withdraw money from banks. Travellers cheque is useful during traveling. There are more other variants of cheque, such as bankers cheque.

Sending a cheque is perhaps the one of the more common ways of using CityRydes. Yet there are times we get it wrong and this leads to lost time through unnecessary back and forth. So here is your checklist for sending cheques, especially if you are in Kenya.

  1. The date must be correct. Use the standard british date format for Kenya. Remember that cheques over one month old may have problems getting accepted in some banks, so it is better to keep things fresh.
  2. Amounts MUST be correct and tally. The written and numeric amounts must be the same. It is best to write cheques when you are free from distractions. No crossing out of figures, however minor, because the bank will not take it. ( I learned this the hard way.)
  3. The Signature. The signature must be the same as the as the bank records at all times. You must adhere to this because if you may get fined depending on your bank.
  4. What to use when writing on a cheque. Use a simple black or blue (but black is the preferred)  pen. Do not write with a pencil, marker or red pen.
  5. Do not fold cheques. Cheques should not be folded , creased or wrinkled. This is because they go through a machine that scans for its authenticity before being processed. Not even one fold is acceptable. It is thus important to make sure that all your cheques stay clean and straight otherwise the bank will not accept them.

Use CityRydes today to send your cheques. It fast, convenient and saves you a whole lot of time.

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